That Oily Life

Some of you know that I have recently really dived into the world of Essential Oils. There are many reasons behind this, but the main was for a better life for my kids. I was tired of drugging them up with things I couldn’t pronounce and only for it to wear off and their symptoms to return. I was also frustrated with them not sleeping well and being cranky and not really having anything to help them. 
I had tried using EOs about 2 years ago but lazy pregnancy life took over and I gave up quicker than I had started. 
Fast forward to now and I was seeing so many of my friends having such great success with Young Living EOs and really transforming their lives to a better healthier version. I found my oils and decided to dive in head first! And let me tell you what…it has not been a decision I could ever regret! 

I made myself an itch relief cream and let me tell you…it’s BEYOND amazing! 

My boys are getting lavender in the evenings as a bedtime routine and are sleeping longer and better than ever. Not to mention they aren’t fighting me to go to bed. If anything, they are WAITING for their oils! And Brayden can’t wait to get his own! I’m finding all sorts of uses for oils I never even thought of before. For sleep, health, cleaning. Even for the animals. It’s changing our lives one day at a time & I truly couldn’t be happier with choosing to jump on board with my friend Corianne & the amazing team she has helped to build! 

The boys and I tried our hands at some of our own rollers today & made a sleepy time one for them at bedtime and a happy blend to use when life is getting a little cranky. And they love them! I put pictures on them rather than words so they can really identify with which roller they need. It’s so fun seeing Logan sit down and lift his feet up waiting. In fact, last night Ryan and I had gone out for a friends birthday and I sent my mom a text asking her to make sure she got their lavender on them. She replied back with “Boys have had a bath, pajamas, oils & are in their own beds” That right there made my Momma heart so happy and really made me see how amazing these oils are. They are like magic. And then when she told me that it only took the boys aboufirst 15minutes to go to sleep and they were out before 9pm 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 That NEVER happens! So needless to say, she’s a believe too! 

I promise I won’t overwhelm you with Oil posts, but I will post about our successes and uses. Because who wouldn’t want to read those things?! 

*If you would like to purchase a Premium Starter Kit, click Here. The PSK is truly the best thing ever for someone just getting started. If you’d like to chat more, find me on Facebook and shoot me a message! 


My gosh it’s been a long time. I said I wasn’t going to let that happen. Yet here I am, letting it happen. Sorry y’all. I’m human. What can I say?! 

Well it’s been a crazy busy couple of months. The Fullers started a small farm. We are the proud owners of 7 chickens! 5 are Silkies and the other 2 are Rainbow Dixies. So far we have 1 rooster for sure. That’s Rainbow. He is named because we had lost one Silkies and when we went to replace that baby, this chick instantly came to my oldest son. So we went with the Rainbow Baby theme. The other RD is Dixie. Our silkies don’t yet have names, but will soon. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen me talk about them a LOT! 

We’ve also started enjoying a LOT of outdoor time. Now that the weather in Washington has finally decided to perk up, we’ve been taking full advantage of it. The boys have been riding the 4-Wheelers (battery operated ones. Don’t go calling the PoPo on me) like crazy! And playing in the sprinkler, on the trampoline (yes they are surrounded by a safety net. Relax people) and just running wild. I’ve been working on my tan. Although it’s been more of a burn than anything but it will get there. 

My Husband took an opportunity to further is Drifting dream and went to help out a guy in Colorado. That took him to Vegas for a few days where he really got a taste of the Formula D world. 

I turned another year older. And that’s it. 

I’ve been super busy trying to get my Scentsy biz going. I have big goals and big dreams for our family this upcoming year & really am hoping to make them happen on my own! There’s so many beautiful new warmers and amazing smells why wouldn’t you want to buy from me or Host a party and earn some products for free???!!! 

Brayden has just 2 days left of school until next year and it’s just not ok with me yet. How is it possible my baby boy is almost 4 and finishing his first year of preschool?! And Logan is almost 2?! How does this happen? Why do kids have to grow up? I mean really someone should look into that. 

Oh the most exciting part, I bing watched Chicago Fire and can officially say I’m HOOKED! Like why did it take me so long to watch this show?! I’m considering a weekly recap of the show this fall. Would you be on board?! 

It’s been a busy couple of months but also nothing super exciting. Don’t you hate when that happens? Like where did the last couple of months go? But I don’t feel like anything took place?! So frustrating. Well I’ll leave you now with some words to live by… “Make Everyday Count” 

Here Chicky, Chicky. 

Well it’s been a long while since I’ve posted. I can’t really say it’s for any real reason other than life just sort of got away from me. 

Sassy Mint Boutique has changed…its now Sassy Mint Designs & I’ve added a partner! We’ve opened up an Etsy shop & things are moving forward pretty quickly. 

And in the spirit of Spring & Easter, my son convinced his Nana that we needed baby Chicks! So today, we got our selves some Baby Silkies & have 2 very happy boys!!!! 

So now we’re taking on another new adventure & raising ourselves some baby chicks! 

Thank You!!!!

My first Vendor Show was a SUCCESS!!!! I didn’t have nearly as much inventory with me as I had wanted, but it wasn’t a downfall! I lugged the cricut and my computer and iron and all my vinyls with me, and made orders while people shopped!!!!

And it’s like a high you want more of! I’m itching for more to do. For eachone to be better than the last. For each event to double my makings from the last one. For each event meet more people than before. And eventually, have my own STORE!!! Yes, that’s my long term goal!

So, those of you who do own your own stores, how did you get there? Where did you start? I want a cute little boutique that sells not just what I’ve made, but other Boutique like items. Rustic furniture, shabby chic decor, and eventually cute, fashionable, afforadable clothing! Does anyone have some advice for me? Some tips? Some help? I’d be so appreciative of any of it!

Anyway, the show was great. And I made some new friends. Meet some other awesome vendors that I’m hoping to work with later on. I can’t say I made a ton of money, but it wasn’t about that. It was the experience and putting myself in a very uncomfortable position and making it work. It was facing my fears head on and with a vengeance.

I’m one of those very socially awkward kinds of people. With a constant RBF because I sit and watch people. And I get chatty when I’m really uncomfortable. I don’t really know how to make small talk, I just talk. And when it comes to selling things I’ve made, I don’t know how. I fear being rejected or someone noticing a product isn’t “perfect”. But yesterday I put my big girl panties on and went for it. And I’m so proud of myself. I’m relieved that it’s over, but ready for the next one!

Unfortunately I spaced out on taking pictures. I was also pretty busy and just didn’t have the time. But I suppose that’s a good thing!

I’m working on getting things a little more professional and soon plan to have a shop right here on the blog for people to purchase & pay instantly! Please stay tuned!!!

A little MIA 

So I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been a little MIA lately. Well there’s good reason behind that. 

One I’ve been pretty busy with work. Paperwork galore! And I’ve been working myself crazy getting some items finished up for my first craft show this weekend! I won’t lie, I’m super nervous and unsure if I’ll actually even make back what I paid for my spot, but I’m also excited and anxious. I’ve also been busy with the boys and their everlasting amounts of energy. But to top it off, I’ve been a bit “sick”. 

I say that in quotes because actually there is no answer yet as to why or what happened. But I’ll explain to the best of my knowledge. 

Saturday evening Ryan and I went to dinner with some friends. After, we decided to stop by their place and hang out for a bit. We had a few beers and went home. We were getting ready for bed and I told Ryan I wasn’t feeling well. That’s the last of my memory for a good 6 hours or so. From what I was told I threw up and went into seizure mode and locked my entire body up. I don’t remember anything. But I remember lots. That doesn’t make sense to you and it doesn’t even make sense to me. But what I remember doesn’t feel or seem real to me. I don’t remember anything particularly, just things I “saw”. Ryan called the ambulance as soon as he realized it wasn’t just having drank a few too many. He got my mom and together they stayed with me until the paramedics arrived. At some point I was taken to the hospital and a battery of tests were done. I cameto between roughly 5-5:30am and didn’t have a clue where I was or how I even got there. It’s still all surreal and puts a strange feeling over me, but it happened. And ever since then I’ve been extra anxious, tired, scared, and confused. 

I want answers and we still don’t have them. I want to know why what happened happened and what can be done to prevent it from happening again. I’ve always been fairly healthy. Never had surgery for anything other than the typical tonsils and adenoids. Even birthing my boys went pretty darn smooth. So for something like this to have taken place, it’s got me frightened and on edge. 

But I’m taking everyday as best as I can. I’m looking at my boys and thanking God that He wasn’t ready for me yet and I can continue to go through life with my boys and my husband. I’m realizing more and more what’s really important in life and what’s not. I have my family, my boys, my husband. A job, my “business” and now all of you. I am pretty darn happy with that! 

My very own “Doogie Houser MD” 

So yesterday I somehow managed to get a nice sized sliver in my butt cheek. I thought I had pulled it out but noticed today it was pretty painful. So I asked my husband to help me out. I laid down on the bed and he went to work. A few minutes later My three year old comes in with a pair of tweezers he got out of my moms bathroom (we live with her currently) and tells my husband he has to help. By this time my husband was done, but we played along and let my little help out. He looks at me and says, “it’s ok momma. It’s ok.” While rubbing my arm. Then he manages to jab me with the tweezers and says “Got it! You’re all better Momma. But there’s some bleeding so ill need to get you a bandaid”. 
You guys. I AM doing something right! Maybe he will be a gentle kind sole like we’ve been hoping. And maybe his attitude really is just that of a three year old. 

Custom Orders 

Can I just say how much I love custom orders? Or how much I LOVE glitter heat transfer vinyl? Oh and did I mention how much this adorable collection makes me want a daughter? 
Well all of the above are FACTS! And I really do love getting custom orders. So please don’t hesitate to message me with an idea you have or something you made for you! 

My First Craft Show

Here are some of the newest items being added to The Boutique. These will be available in multiple colors and on a variety of mugs at the upcoming craft show I am participating in with Blonde & Brunette Events  and The Traveling Happy Market. 
Come visit me March 11th at the Pioneer Park Pavillion from 10-4pm. Admission is FREE!!!!
And don’t forget you can see more products on my Facebook Page

Rest in Paradise Buddy Charles 

I don’t even know how to write these words. Death sucks. No matter what people say, it sucks. You lose loved ones and it’s like a piece of your heart being ripped out of your chest and stomped on. Sure time goes on and you move forward, but that piece is always gone. 

And it doesn’t matter if that loved one has two legs or four, you still can’t avoid the hurt when you say goodbye.

Today we are saying goodbye to our family dog. Buddy Charles. My dad got him for my bonus moms birthday some 13 or so years ago. He is one of the BEST dogs I’ve ever known. A kind and gentle soul. A beautiful Golden Retriever with a heart as gold as his fur. 

As time went on he got older and stairs were no longer his friend. It came time for him to find a new home. But not just any home. He moved in with our Grandparents and it was the perfect match. He went everywhere with them. And I do mean everywhere. Trips to the grocery store, drives to the mountain. Doctors appointments. All of it. He never left their side. And they loved him. Oh do they love him. 

But he has battled some sickness and pain and his body has said it’s done fighting. Even with all of that, he still has that smile on his face and his tail wags when you pet him. And even though he is now blind and deaf, he knows his family and knows when they are around him. But it’s his time. And we know this is the best for him. He is in so much pain and suffering and it’s just not fair for him to live that way anymore. 

So we will say our goodbyes and we will pray for peace and comfort as he leaves this world and journeys on to the next Chapter that’s waiting. And as strong as I can sound in these words, my heart is breaking into pieces knowing he won’t be greeting us at the door anymore when we come over to Grandmas. He will be with our Papa in Heaven and that’s what will get us through. 

Amazon Store

If you’re Amazon obsessed like me, then you could understand my desire to have my own Amazon store! Eventually I do plan to have my own products for sell through them but for now, this is a great place to purchase any & all of my favorite things & help a girl out at the same time!

It’s pretty simple too. Just follow the link here & place your order. YES. Thats it! If there is something you’d like to purchase that isn’t on there, just shoot me a comment or message & I’ll get it added! Thanks y’all!